Siracusa Carpet


The Siracusa rug is dominated by blues, with Arabic motifs and eclectic mosaic patterns. Colors and textures are mixed with geometric languages inherited from other civilizations.
Rugs designed for the prestigious textile company GAN. Brand firmly rooted in design and based on products handcrafted in India by experienced artisans using only natural fibers: cotton, linen, jute, silk and wool.

Fiber composition: 100% Virgin wool
Approximate Total Height: 6 mm
Total weight approx.: 1.7 kg / m2
Reversible: Yes
Reverse: No
Designer: Sandra Figuerola

Manufacturing technique: KilimThe kilim is an artisan method of making rugs in which only threads are used, firmly weaving the weft on a handloom , without knotting. Due to this process, the result is a lightweight fabric with a hairless texture, similar to that of upholstery. It is a technique that offers great flexibility in design and allows you to conceive rugs with drawings and details of great impact and color.

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